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White men who like Indian women

White men who like Indian women may or may not consider us to be authentically Asian in race due to their  attraction to us.  Truthfully, many white men who like Indian women do not like East or Southeast Asian women.  We just have a different appearance and white men who like Indian women specifically are enamored with the Indian appearance.  It annoys  me that these white boys sometimes add that they don't consider Indian women Asian for this reason.  Not only do I find this to be insulting, but it intrigues me that these white boys feel that they are somehow complimenting me or praising the beauty of Indian women.  I think that white boys who like Indian women are mainly trying to overcompensate for their lack of skin color.   I find that many guys who like Indian women seem to fall into the archetype of a surfer boy.   In the surfing community, a tan is considered ideal and many surfer boys want their sun-kissed surfer girl.

White men who have a fetish for Indian culture

Alternatively, white men who like Indian women may or may not consider us to be authentically Asian do to their fetish with our ancient past.  I do not know many of these types personally, but there is one who knows my dad.  He is absolutely obsessed with ancient Indian texts and the supposed superior wisdoms they contain.  How can someone who lived thousands of years ago know more than we know today?  I don't know either.  I think this guy is also attracted to me because he acts like an awkward teenage boy when he's around me.  He insists that Indians are not Asian, but are instead part of his race.  I think that he is attempting to normalize his fetish for our culture by making it seem like it's really his culture.  He probably would like to marry an Indian woman as it would affirm for him that he is the same race with Indians and make it seem like his fetish does not revolve around a people with whom he is not part.

White men who formalize their claim on Indian women

In the past white men have tried to formalize their claims on Indian women due to the two reasons I mentioned above.  Many white men have spent their entire lives trying to prove Indians are part of their race.  They have gotten anthropology and history degrees and Ph.D.s.  They do this to make their relationships with Indian women permissible rather than interracial which white society forbids.  They do this to make their childish affair with our culture appear to be an investigation of their own culture.  I am an Indian woman who doesn't trust white experts for these reasons.  They have lost all credibility in my eyes.

This website was published by Nikki Surti in 2008.