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Does Asian culture exist?

Does Asian culture exist?  Surely, there exist individual regional cultures, but I doubt there exists a culture that all Asian groups share.  If Asian culture exists, does it matter?  Do we have to honor or emulate the way someone felt, thought or acted centuries ago just because they were our ancestors?  Is culture doing things without thinking because someone else did it the same way?  Can we really say an ephemeral concept like culture exists at all?

We should reject Asian culture

Many people who reject Indians being Asian may concede that we are culturally Asian.  Many antagonists like to passively reject that Indians are Asians in race and liken us more to being an ethnicity based on culture.  I think we Indians should reject Indian culture.  We should also reject Asian culture if such a singular culture exists.  This will stop other races from mistaking us for an ethnicity or cultural group.  Indians are Asian because Asian is a race and we are part of that race.

This website was published by Nikki Surti in 2008.