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Indian men who like white women

Many, many Indian men I know prefer white women, so some make the false claim that Indians are white to claim white women.  Indian media is not very friendly to Indian women; it portrays the Middle Easterner whites as being ideal.  Many Indian men like to claim that they are the same race as Middle Easterners to specifically claim Middle Easterner women.  They would like Indian women to not consider their coveting Middle Easterners to be coveting another race.  Some Indian men hold up the Northern European woman to be best, so they go one step further and claim they are the same race as Northern Europeans.  Indians are not white; we are Asians.  

Indian women with a white hubby

Indian women with a white hubby or boyfriend may submit to her man's wishes that she claim to be part of his race.  White men are extremely scrutinized for their relationships with Asian women.  They would do anything, even lie, to get out of the fact that their significant other is an Asian woman.  When an Indian woman is in a relationship with a white man, he may try to force her to identify as white to avoid the interracial scrutiny of white women.  She may even submit to him and say that she is a white girl.  This is not true, but a lie, formed under coercion.  We are Asian women, even if some of us have been coerced to deny this fact.

East and Southeast Asian men who do not like Indian women

There are many East and Southeast Asian men who do not find Indian women to be very attractive.  It may be their television programing, conditioning them to not appreciate the beauty of Indian women, but it doesn't really matter their reason for not liking us.  Out of East and Southeast Asian men, there are some who do not like Indian women very much and wish that we weren't the same race together.  They may side with whites or Africans in these peoples' claims on Indians, because they don't want us.   They should know that not liking a group of people is not grounds for rationally considering them a separate race.  If they don't like Indian women, then it is their problem, but we're still Asian regardless.

This website was published by Nikki Surti in 2008.