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African men who like Indian women

Many African men like Indian women specifically over other Asian women and like to claim us so African women will not get mad when we get together.  There are not many African men where I live, but I know a few Indian women who have married African men.  Many African men like straight hair and long narrow noses of Indian women, but they don't like the pale skin of white women.  Since Indian women have very dark skin, some African men feel that they can authentically marry a black woman by getting with an Indian woman.   Many African men like to make claims on women they find attractive, even if they know they are not the same race.  For example, many African men like to claim mulatta women with a white appearance as a pure African women.  From reading around on the internet, African men are frequently criticized when they marry outside of their race, specifically when they get with Asian women.  Accordingly, many African men hold the view that we are not really Asians, so they can date us and not ignite the ire of jealous African women.

Africans confusing skin color with race

Some Africans think that the Indian skin color makes us both the same race.  Nobody else equates skin color with race.  There are many dark skinned people around the world, but it doesn't make them African.  As an Indian woman who knows that they are Asian, I refuse to absurdly adopt an African identity when we are Asians.  Some African men tirelessly argue that Indians are Africans to claim Indian women by the absurd skin color argument.

This website was published by Nikki Surti in 2008.